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Welcome to London Wimbledon Academy

Our goal is to help all newcomers learn from scratch or improve their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. The classes aim at preparing you for a variety of Home Office exams (e.g. Life in the UK, B1 Citizenship Test) as well as help you find a job and deal with other tasks on a daily basis.

Comprehensive and thoroughly planned teaching curriculum focuses on every important language and cultural issue, required to pass smoothly, among others, the B1 British Citizenship Test. The renowned and recommended London Wimbledon Academy has been organizing ESOL courses since 2003, running classes and Summer Schools for European students. As an experienced and professional facility we provide our student with the essential, practical knowledge during the course. We also organize preparation classes, if required, shortly before the final assessment takes place in a B1 English Test Centre.

The Academy's vision is to lead our students to success in all 4 skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our aim is to ensure that all learners achieve their intended qualification and hence, succeed in passing the B1 British Citizenship Test, being the first step to enjoy your long stay in the UK.

How do we accomplish such good results?

All hired trainers are highly qualified teachers with many years of experience in their domain, ready to give a helping hand, encouraging our students and answering any question regarding language issues. What is more, to keep the highest level of services, staff inspections are conducted on a consistent basis to ensure that outstanding quality in all of the offered ESOL courses is maintained.

With the London Wimbledon Academy, you will succeed in your chosen pathway, as we inspire achievement and consistently support all our learners.

Apply now by calling 0203 405 1887.

Also, for the convenience of future students, booking for our English Test Centre’s preparatory courses is available online, via our website.